What Do You Know About Headaches?

When you get a headache, it's often not the bones of the skull or the brain itself that's hurting. The pain comes from pain-sensitive nerves that are near the muscles and blood vessels of the face, neck, and scalp. Find out more about headaches by taking this quiz.

1. Which of these is the most common kind of headache?
2. When should you call your healthcare provider?
3. What are some ways to help prevent tension headaches?
4. Which of these can work well as treatment for the occasional tension headache?
5. Which of these foods and drinks can trigger migraine headaches?
6. Migraines can be very painful and debilitating headaches that affect the blood vessels. Scientists don't know exactly what causes migraines, but possible causes include:
7. When a person who has migraines becomes pregnant, what happens?
8. Rebound headaches are caused by which of the following?
9. Cluster headaches affect people assigned male at birth more than people assigned female at birth. What is common for a cluster headache?
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