Take the Cycling Quiz

You’ve been vowing to get more exercise, so why not pump up the tires and head out on your bike? Better yet, get the family out with you, and everyone benefits. Use this quiz to gear up your knowledge about bicycling.

1. Bicycling is an excellent form of exercise because it gives you a good workout with less strain on your joints than jogging.
2. When you begin your workout, start out slowly by pedaling on flat ground in a low gear to warm up.
3. Regular exercise helps with weight control and helps prevent heart disease.
4. To gain the health benefits of exercise, you must bicycle for at least an hour every day.
5. When buying a bike, you should think about how far you will typically ride and over what kind of terrain.
6. Bike helmets are essential to preventing serious head and brain injuries.
7. If you go mountain biking, you'll need a special MTB helmet.
8. Children are at higher risk than other riders for bicycle-related head injuries.
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